Polythene Products | Catering Disposables

Paper & Foam Plates
High clarity clear bags made from virgin polymer offering maximum protection suitable for wide range of applications like food, clothing, retail sector etc.

Foam/Plastic Bowls, Glasses, Cups with/without lids
We can supply these items in any number of quantities and in different colours to suit your needs.
Napkins & Banqueting Rolls
A huge selection of napkins and banqueting rolls are available in different colours, sizes, and designs which can suit all your needs.
Cutlery & Microwave Containers
Vast amount of selection in catering disposables viz: forks, spoons, knives, glasses, plates, boxes etc… are available.


Salad & Burger Boxes
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Greaseproof Paper
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Cling Films & Catering Foils
We can supply huge quantity of cling films and catering foils in different sizes and thickness.